Safety is always a major concern whether you are at home or outside your safe haven. With the increasing cases of theft, break-ins, and burglaries across the country, homeowners are shifting towards reliable and effective security system installation to secure themselves.

One of the crucial parts of home security  is the alarm system. The alarm systems instantly alert the residents if there is any break-in or suspicious activity happening inside the home premises. They are highly effective in preventing crimes. Moreover, they can also be used commercially to maintain safety.

There are two major categories that one can find in the market for alarm systems. The traditional wired alarm system and the non-wired one. The installation of both security systems has its pros and cons. Let’s take a look at the concept of both the terms – 

What is a traditional wired alarm system?

A traditional wired alarm system requires professional installation assistance to connect all the hardwired devices at your property. All the distinct position-installed sensors are connected to the main control panel with the help of a cable wire. It requires a landline connection to function and communicate with the members.

What is a wireless alarm system?

The wireless alarm system uses wireless detectors that transmit signals to a receiver unit. This receiver unit is connected to the alarm system and quickly relays the signals received to the alarm system. By connecting all the individual wireless sensors to this receiver, there is a substantial saving on labour costs. Apart from the wire difference, these two alarm systems are distinct in their communication and performance. 

Why You Should Replace Traditional Alarm with Wireless Alarm System – 

There are multiple benefits of replacing your traditional alarm systems with wireless alarm systems. Here, we have highlighted a few of them – 

No hassle of Cables – The first and major benefit of setting up a wireless alarm system is that it is cable-free. When you possess a cable-free security system, you don’t need to worry about a mix-up of cables. 

This is one of the major issues you will face with traditional alarms. The advanced wireless alarm systems reduce the mishaps caused by cable trips. Thus, it can be stated that a cable-less security system can benefit you in many ways. 

Economic Approach – Wireless alarm systems are more pocket-friendly than traditional alarm systems. It drastically reduces the installation costs and the time required to set it up. The traditional system demands more time and effort, ultimately boosting the price range. Moreover, the wireless alarm system covers larger areas at higher speeds, which offers more security and lowers the budget, and doesn’t make any wholesale in your pocket. 

Easily Adjustable – The wireless home alarm systems are easily adaptable to any changes. This system can be easily moved from one place to another without facing much difficulty. This feature will be very useful if you plan to move to a new place. On the other hand, imagine shifting home with multiple tangled cables. This situation can be avoided by installing wireless systems. 

Moreover, wireless security alarm systems can be easily integrated with other home devices, such as motion sensors, cameras and remote control systems to offer effective security to you, your loved ones and valuable assets. The integration feature enhances the effectiveness of wireless systems over traditional alarm systems.

Damage Proof – One of the major drawbacks of the installed traditional alarm systems is that they can easily be damaged or tampered with. It is because they are open all the time and easily accessible. However, the benefit of installing a wireless alarm system is that it is damage-proof and doesn’t have any open wires. As a result of this, they cannot be destroyed and cause any mishap. This could also lead to saving lots of maintenance costs. 

Battery Power – The traditional alarm systems function on electricity, while the wireless  security alarm device runs on battery life. The prime benefit of running the battery security system is that it is not completely dependent on electricity. However, if you are using batteries to run the alarm system, check the batteries regularly so that you don’t have to face any issues. 

Pros of Investing in the Wireless Alarm System – 

Checkout the following perks of purchasing a wireless home alarm system – 

  1. It offers a clean and neat look, as there is no need for wires and cables.
  2. It involves advanced technology as it is very secure.
  3. It is easy to integrate other devices with it.
  4. It is very easy to handle and can be removed temporarily if you want to.
  5. It works more cost-effectively than the wired one as it helps you to save on maintenance and installation charges.
  6. Even during the power outage, it still functions with the help of batteries.
  7. If you plan to move your residence from one place to another, you can easily take the system without any struggle.
  8. It poses fewer chances of false alarms.

Which Alarm System is Right For Your Home?

Before jumping to any conclusion, it is important to consider your safety requirements and home needs. The area of your home plays a vital role in shaping the decision to invest in the alarm system. If you still don’t understand the ideal option for your home security system. It is recommended that you connect with the SM Security Services Pty. Ltd. professionals for a consultation. The field experts will guide you in securing your home with the right security system.


With the rising crime rate in residential areas, protecting your home for your loved ones’ security becomes crucial. It takes merely 30 seconds for a burglar to access your home. The safety of your family members and valuable assets within the home premises is priceless. Trust SM security services for your home security alarm system needs. We install the best system models from all the best wholesalers and manufacturers. This ensures you may get the best security system to fulfil your security needs.

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