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SM Security Services Pty Ltd has been helping to protect families and businesses since 1988. Security monitoring helps keep your loved ones and property safe and secure 24/7. We use reliable and proven back to base alarm monitoring systems that you can depend on for year-round protection. Not all monitoring companies are equal – with 30 years industry experience, we know this only too well. That’s why we’ve partnered with CMS (Central Monitoring Services) and use them as our preferred monitoring control room. 

Approved by all Major Insurance Companies

Our back to base alarm systems are approved by all major insurance companies. Our monitored alarm systems are installed to meet or surpass Intruder Alarm System Australian Standards AS/NZS 2201.

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We’ve got you covered!

Alarm monitoring is not only about monitoring signals from doors, windows and movement detectors. Our control room can help prevent damages from other emergencies as well such as fire, power issues, flooding, high or low temperatures and so much more. Burglars are getting smarter and they have a few tricks up their sleeves to help determine if your alarm system is a local alarm (one that simply sets off sirens) or is a true monitored alarm that communicates back to a security monitoring centre. So next time you go on holidays, relax in the knowledge that your home or business is being well looked after.

Can I get home security monitoring even if my alarm was installed by someone else?

We can provide monitoring for your alarm system even if your alarm was not installed by SM Security Services Pty Ltd. We will gladly come out to service your security system and re-program it for back to base alarm monitoring to our control room. You’ll be pleasantly surprised with our level of service and professionalism, this is why so many of our customers are happy to refer us to their family, friends and colleagues.

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What if we don’t have a phone line connected?

If you are one of many who have decided to disconnect your home phone line because you simply don’t use it anymore, then that’s fine, we don’t need a phone line. Our alarm communicators use 4G GSM technology to communicate alarm signals to the control room. This is far safer and more reliable than using phone lines. For our VIP s and commercial clients, we can even transmit signals to the control room using your LAN as a secondary communication path. This will give you the highest grade of back to base alarm monitoring available.

My alarm has stopped working

after NBN was installed?

Don t worry! We have plenty of solutions to get your old alarm communicating back to base again. CLICK HERE to learn about alarm monitoring with NBN.
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Why do I need alarm monitoring?

Any alarm system can trigger sirens. But only a monitored alarm system can provide you with significant protection if you aren’t home. Even though your siren will act as a slight deterrent to an intruder, there is never a guarantee that the intruder hasn’t disabled your siren or that neighbours will hear your alarm since they may not be home. When you have a true monitored security system, as soon as your alarm is tripped, it will begin to transmit alarm signals to the security monitoring control room. The control room will be able to respond immediately by notifying you, your family, your friends, your neighbours or even dispatch a patrol company to investigate to ensure your property is looked after in the best way possible.

What happens when my alarm system is triggered?

When your alarm is triggered, the siren goes off and alarm signals are sent to the control room. When these alarm signals are received at the control room only seconds later, the control room operator will autodial a list of keyholders to inform them of an alarm activation from your premises. This would normally include phoning the premise’s number, yourself, your partner, a list of nominated family members, friends, neighbours and can even include a patrol company who can carry out an external inspection of the property. If we are monitoring your business premises, the patrol company can also carry out an internal inspection to the building providing keys and alarm code have been issued.

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What type of alarm signals will the control room receive?

This may vary slightly, but for most back to base alarm systems installed, the signals would include:

  • Alarm signals such as:
  • Front door
  • Rear door
  • Master bedroom
  • Lounge room
  • Study
  • Family room
  • Etc.
  • Panic alarm (via keypad)
  • Smoke alarm
  • Power fail
  • Low battery from main panel
  • Low battery from wireless detectors
  • Opening signal (when you turn
  • alarm OFF)
  • Closing signal (when you turn the alarm ON)
  • Hold UP alarm (commercial premises)
  • High/Low temperature alarm (commercial premises)
  • Staff open/close times (commercial premises)

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