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National Broadband Network roll-out has now been completed throughout most suburbs on the Central Coast. The NBN has also been completed for most of Sydney’s Northern Beaches. Soon, North Shore suburbs will be needing to make decisions on what to do with their existing back to base security systems. NBN alarm monitoring solutions are available.  We recommend that speak with your security provider well before switching over to the NBN.
If you have a back to base alarm system, there are a few important issues you need to be aware of, so please read on.
Will my existing back to base alarm system work effectively on the NBN?
In most cases, the short answer is no. To put it simply, most of the service providers offering your home or business new NBN packages, can’t even offer you the correct equipment needed to allow your alarm system to continue communicating with your monitoring company. Even if your chosen NBN provider offers you the required Network Terminating Device (known as a UNI-V box) that allows your existing alarm system to communicate to your 24hr control room, as soon as there is a power outage, everything stops working. No more internet, no more phone calls and no more alarm signals being able to reach the alarm monitoring company. So now your back to base alarm system no longer complies with Australian/New Zealand standards AS/NZS 2201.
What if I pay for NBN to supply me with a power supply with battery back up?
If your service provider provides you with broadband internet that has battery back-up, then you’re getting closer to a working solution. BUT, NBN’s battery back up will only last for approximately 4 hours. After 4 hours , the back-up battery is so depleted that your internet and phone stops working. This still falls way short of the minimum standard of 16 hours of battery back-up as stipulated by Australian/New Zealand standards AS/NZS 2201. So, if your new system can’t even meet these minimum standards, shouldn’t you be looking for a solution that can?
So how do I continue to have reliable back to base monitoring and still upgrade to the NBN?
The answer is simple. Have your alarm system communicate to the monitoring company using the Permaconn PM45 4G communicator. This is a tried, proven & tested method that works extreemly well. This will be far simpler and cheaper in the long run and allows you to get uninterrupted high speed internet on the NBN from any of the many service providers including all the ones that couldn’t offer you the UNI-V port device.
Do I have to upgrade my alarm system?
No. Not at all. All SM Security Services needs to do is install a small 4G GPRS communicator that simply piggy backs onto your existing security system.
We’ve done the homework for you!
SM Security Services Pty Ltd has spent hundreds of hours researching and testing solutions for reliable “back to base” monitoring. It’s in our best interest to ensure your home, business and loved ones are protected during the cut over phase of the NBN. We’re currently cutting over many Sydney North Shore homes and businesses, getting their security systems ready for the NBN.

After testing many of the alarm signaling systems available within our security industry, we have chosen two solutions.

For home security and small businesses
we have chosen the Permaconn 4G GPRS unit. This will communicate alarm signals via Telstra 4G GPRS as primary communication path and if required, the unit can also be set up to have a secondary communication path using your internet/data network.
For Government, large commercial and VIP clients
we have chosen the EMIZON TCD Communicator which communicates to the control room via broadband/IP as primary communication path and Telstra GPRS as secondary communication path. The Emizon TCD can be set up to offer you “CLASS 5” level security monitoring (highest available) giving you constant 20 second polling with the control room.
  • Future proof device. Not affected by VOIP, digital phone lines or the NBN.
  • No more phone bills. All associated phone calls to control room are inclusive in your monitoring fee.
  • Increased level of security. Above systems will continue to transmit alarm signals even if your phone/data network goes down or phone lines are cut.
  • Recognised by all major insurance companies.
  • Meets Intruder Alarm System Australian Standards AS/NZS 2201.

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