Is your Security Alarm System ready for the NBN?

NBN rollout has now been completed throughout most suburbs on the Central Coast and Sydney’s Northern Beaches has the NBN up and running with many suburbs now needing to make decisions on what to do with their existing back to base security systems. Other Sydney suburbs are also seeing the start of the NBN rollout and very soon NBN will be available for most North Shore suburbs of Sydney as well. If you have a back to base alarm system, there are a few important issues you need to be aware of so please read on.

Will my existing back to base alarm system work effectively on the NBN?

In most cases, the short answer is no.   In fact, in our opinion, in almost all cases, the answer is still no.  To put it simply, most of the service providers offering you home and business telecommunication packages can’t even offer you the correct equipment needed to allow your existing back to base alarm system to continue communicating with your 24hr monitoring company.  Even if your chosen NBN service provider can offer you the required NTD (Network Terminating Device) known as a UNI-V box that allows your existing alarm system to communicate to your 24hr control room, as soon as there is a power outage, everything stops working. No more internet, no more phone calls and no alarm signals being able to reach the alarm monitoring company.  Now your back to base alarm system no longer complies with Australian/New Zealand standards AS/NZS 2201.

What if I pay for NBN to supply me with a power supply with battery back up?

If your service provider can provide you with broadband internet that has battery back-up, then you’re getting closer to a working solution. You’re almost there! You’ve done all the right things. You’ve opted to choose a service provider who can offer you the much-needed UNI-V box and you have paid the extra for a power supply with battery back-up.  Now when there’s a power outage, your alarm will continue reporting alarm signals to the alarm monitoring control room for approximately 4 hours until the back-up battery is so depleted that internet and phone again stops working.  BUT… this still falls way short of the minimum standard of 16 hours of battery back-up as stipulated by Australian/New Zealand standards AS/NZS 2201.  So, if your new system can’t even meet these minimum standards, shouldn’t you be looking for a solution that can?

So how do I continue to have reliable back to base monitoring and still upgrade to the NBN?

The answer is simple. Have your alarm system communicate to the monitoring company using the Permaconn PM45 3G communicator. This is a tried, proven & tested method that works very well indeed.  This will be far simpler and cheaper in the long run and allows you to get un-interrupted high speed internet on the NBN from any of the many service providers including all the ones that couldn’t offer you the UNI-V port device.

Do I need to upgrade my alarm system?

No. Not at all. All SM Security Services Pty Ltd needs to do is install a small 3G communicator that simply piggy backs onto your existing security system.

We’ve done the homework for you!

SM Security Services Pty Ltd has spent hundreds of hours looking at and testing solutions for reliable “back to base” monitoring.  It’s in our best interest to ensure your home, business and loved ones are protected during the cut over phase of the NBN. We are currently setting up many Sydney North Shore homes and businesses with quality back to base monitoring solutions.

Our recommendation:

After testing many of the alarm signalling systems available within our security industry, we have chosen two solutions.

  1. For home security and small businesses, we have chosen the Permaconn 3G GPRS unit. This will communicate alarm signals via Telstra 3G GPRS as primary communication path and if required, the unit can also be set up to have a secondary communication path using your internet/data network.
  2. For Government, large commercial and VIP clients, we have chosen the EMIZON TCD Communicator which communicates to the control room via broadband/IP as primary communication path and Telstra GPRS as secondary communication path. The Emizon TCD can be set up to offer you “CLASS 5” level security monitoring (highest available) giving you constant 20 second polling with the control room.

Permaconn & Emizon advantage:

  • Future proof device. Not affected by VOIP, digital phone lines or the NBN.
  • No more phone bills. All associated phone calls to control room are inclusive in your monitoring fee.
  • Increased level of security. Above systems will continue to transmit alarm signals even if your phone/data network goes down or phone lines are cut.
  • Recognised by all major insurance companies.
  • Meets Intruder Alarm System Australian Standards AS/NZS 2201.

To find out more information about the NBN and your Alarm System, click here.

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What is the best house alarm for my home?

We are spoilt with choices for home security systems here in Sydney, but which alarm system is right for you and your family?  The scary truth is that most alarm companies are tied down to only one alarm supplier meaning they can only offer you one, or if you are lucky, two types of alarm systems. This may well simplify things for the security company but it doesn’t help to ensure that you get the best suited burglar alarm installed for your home.

How to choose the best security house alarm for my home?

There are well over a dozen different brands of alarms on offer in Sydney and each brand has a handful of different makes & models to choose from.  Choosing the correct one to suit your specific needs are important.  I meet with new clients weekly throughout the Sydney North Shore, advising them on home security.  When my prospective clients show me what my opposition security companies are offering to install for them, quite often, the type of security system on offer, doesn’t suit their home, lifestyle or needs.  So if you’re looking for a security system for your home, please read on, and learn the basics on what to look for.

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The Importance of Turning ON your Alarm system every time you leave your home (even if you’re only going out for only 5 minutes!)

I’ve recently started to quiz my good clients when conducting my service calls, and was amazed  to discover just how many don’t turn their alarm systems ON whilst doing school drop offs and pickups each day, or when leaving the house for quick trips to the shops.  On an average, it seems that around 40% of my clients don’t arm their alarm systems when ducking out for 5 or so minutes, yet they consistently turn their security alarm on when they leave their home for long periods of time. When I questioned them further, I found that the main reason for this was because they believed that a burglar won’t have time to steal much in such a short amount of time.  Although this may be true, the alarm is there for a much more important purpose than protecting your belongings.  The way I see it, the main advantage of turning your security system on is to ensure that when you come home,  you are walking into a ‘safe’ environment and there isn’t a burglar or predator waiting for you when you arrive back home. Unfortunately, this scenario does occur and can easily be avoided by simply turning on your alarm system whenever you leave the house.  It is strongly recommended that you ensure your alarm system is armed whenever you leave your home. It only takes a few seconds to turn on.  The consequences of not doing so could be dire.

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Why choose to install an alarm system for your home

A security alarm system for your home is a worthy investment for every homeowner.  There are two main reasons families choose to invest in an alarm system.  The main reason is to protect your home from theft from an intruder. The second and far more important reason than the first, is to provide a safe environment for you and your loved ones.  This is why so many new homes being built in Sydney, now come with a security system installed as part of their standard home inclusion.  There’s been many studies made confirming that statistically, having an alarm installed, far reduces the likelihood of being burgled. Hence why so many opt to have alarm systems installed.

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Digital phone lines, VOIP, the NBN and your alarm system

Since its conception till now, alarm systems, fax machines and medical alarms have been happily communicating to control rooms throughout Australia using standard copper analogue phone lines. Up till now, this method has been extremely reliable. Over the past few years, many homes and businesses have opted for connection of digital phone lines, VOIP and now installation of the NBN. Due to these services, standard alarm diallers, fax machines and medical alarms are now starting to fail. To put it simply, your alarm dialler will not work on a digital phone line. Lets have a look at how DIGITAL PHONE LINES, VOIP, THE NBN AND YOUR ALARM SYSTEM tie together.

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3 Ways to Strengthen Your Home Security

Many of us go to work on a weekday, taken for granted our own sanctuary, leaving our valuables and possessions at home unsecure. Professional thieves know that many homes are empty, and they are happy to take full advantage of the homeowners’ absence.

Not all tools can stop every break-in, but there are a few things you can do to make your home more secure.

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