Keyless Entry Security

Say goodbye being locked out if you lose your keys!
Keyless entry is growing in popularity as it allows access through gates and doors without the need to carry keys or proximity cards. Keyless entry security allows you to punch a code into a keypad to allow access through doors and gates. If required, keyless entry code pads can also be used to turn on/off lighting, irrigation, garage doors etc. These systems are simple to use and can be set up in many different ways to suit your needs. These type of systems are normally used for residential properties. For commercial buildings, please visit our Access Control page.
Main use for keyless entry for front entry door:

  • For convenience. Go jogging, swimming, boating etc. without needing to bring keys.
  • Enable school children to come home from school without the need to carry keys (for you know they’ll lose the keys anyway).
  • Allow your cleaner, house sitter, baby sitter, nanny etc. to gain entry without having to give them keys (and when they leave your employment, you can simply delete their PIN code)

Main use for keyless entry for front gate:

  • Allow access to your property for your gardener
  • Allow access to your property for your pool man or tradesman
  • For times when you’re not home, enable courier deliveries to be left at your front door

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