Alarm patrol response

Patrol Response for your Business

If your alarm is activated at 3.00am, it’s cold and it’s raining. Sending a patrolman to investigate the alarm can be a much better option and a whole lot safer than attending to investigate yourself. Even though SM Security Services Pty Ltd doesn’t employ security guards directly, we have accounts with all major patrol companies throughout the Sydney metropolitan area and will happily organise one or more patrol companies to service all your security patrol response needs.

Many business owners opt to monitor open and closing times of their business premises, so if the business operates between 9.00am and 5.00pm Monday – Friday, and all of a sudden our monitoring control room receives an opening signal at an odd hour, the control room would ring the business premises to see if all is well, and if there is no answer, key-holders and or patrol would be called to rectify any anomalies.

If staff members forget to arm the alarm system at close of business, again, patrol can be sent out to arm the premises for you.

Patrol Response for your Home

If you’re at work or on holidays, and all of a sudden there’s an alarm activation from your home, if the control room can’t contact anyone from your premises, the control room will ring a series of key-holders (nominated by you) to make them aware of an alarm activation. If instructed by the nominated key-holder, The control room can dispatch a patrolman to investigate. You or the key-holder will be kept informed of the outcome once the patrolman has arrived at your premises and carried out an inspection.

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