24 hour Security Monitoring

Not all monitoring companies are equal.  With 30 years industry experience, we  know this only too well. That’s why we use CMS (Central Monitoring Services) as our monitoring control room. To find out more about CMS, please visit CMS’s website www.centralmonitoring.com.au

There are many ways for your security system to communicate with the 24hr control room. Some of the more popular methods are shown below:
Digital Dialler

This way is by far the most the most popular and cost effective way of sending signal to the 24hr control room. In principal, it operates in the same way your standard telephone does, utilising your existing phone line. If an alarm is generated from your premises, the alarm dialer will seize your phone line, dial the control room and transmit the signals down the phone line to the control room.

GSM Reporting

This uses the same technology as your mobile phone and communicates to the control room without the need for a phone line. This type of system is used for premises that either doesn’t have a phone line, or as a back-up system to your alarm dialler. With the implementation of so many digital telephone services (VOIP or the NBN). This method of transmitting signals to the control room has risen in popularity as a more stable method of segregating your telephone and security system thus giving you a more stable and trouble free communication path for both your alarm and your phone system. Another important advantage here is that when your phone system stops working due to a cable fault or deliberate act (a burglar cutting your phone line), your alarm will continue to send signals to the control room since it works completely independently since it doesn’t rely on your phone line.  4G GSM monitoring provides 24-hour security monitoring and is growing in popularity. It won’t be long before Australia has more alarms reporting in this fashion than the old alarm dialler.

GPRS Reporting

This works in the same manner as GSM reporting but more reliable since the network is not shared with voice transmission. Similar to GSM but a more reliable form of security monitoring.

Emizon Platform

This is by far a much quicker and more reliable way of transmitting alarm signals to the control room. Communicates signals via the internet as a primary communication path and GPRS as a secondary communication path, offering a true class 3, class 4 or class 5 level of alarm monitoring.

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